Want a Whiter Smile?

Want a Whiter Smile?

There are several options to whiten your teeth.

We have several whitening options:
Probably most effective way is our in-office specialized treatment. the works quickly because we can use a more powerful whitening gel. Many people see great results with just one session, however, you may need more than one due to differences in all of our teeth. It all depends on how severe your stains are, how your teeth respond and how white you want your teeth.

In-office whitening has just a few simple steps. We position whitening trays over your teeth. Then we use a special light to shine on your teeth which activates the whitening gel. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes. We suggest that you continue bleaching at home for a few days or weeks, and we’ll give you a whitening solution to take with you.

If you find that your gums become white or sore, contact us. Whitening is not a permanent solution. The stains will come back if you smoke or consume a lot of staining foods or drinks so bleaching can be done periodically as needed.

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